Tour of
Marubishi Industry

We, Marubishi Industry have been continuing to make high quality products such as automobile seats with excellent safety and functionality by making full use of the traditional techniques that we have improved since our establishment in 1964. We have received high evaluation from customers all over the world.
Recently, we have started developing health-related products by utilizing our high technology and know-how cultivated in the manufacture of automobile seats!
We will continue to support you by providing various types of new products with the motto "Friendly to people and the environment".
Let's take you to the "Tour of Marubishi Industry" to tell you more about us. Let's start!

Marubishi Industry History and Technology

Establishment of Marubishi Industry

Marubishi Industry was founded in May 1964, more than half a century ago. We started as a cooperating factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Automobile Manufactory. As it is today, the main product was car seats. 1964, the year when the Tokyo Olympics were held.
It was the time when the whole country was full of energy to get out of the postwar turmoil and achieve great economic growth. The number of automobiles producing was increased as the result of the development of motorization. The expectations of car makers about us were enormous.

Business of Marubishi Industry

Marubishi Industry has three main pillars. The first pillar is the production of automobile seats, which we have been doing since the establishment. It is an important part of our job therefore Marubishi Industry is recognized as an automobile seat producer. Unique technology and know-how have been accumulating over a long period of time. Although we are a medium-sized company with not many numbers of staff, we have a system in place for consistent design, development, and manufacturing.

The second pillar is the production of automobile interior parts. We make interior parts such as console boxes for the space between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. We started to manufacture a new pillar from 1988 following automobile seats. Now, it has been highly evaluated by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

The third pillar is the production of health-related products. We are working on producing comfortable chairs and cushions based on ergonomics by utilizing the technology that has been manufacturing automobile seats for many years. This business is expected to grow in demand in the future, and we also would like to grow it into a major pillar by continuing to make good products.

Location of Marubishi Industry

Head office and main factory of Marubishi Industry

Marubishi Industry was founded in strategic location in Komaki city, Aichi Prefecture where focal point of transportation on the Tomei, Meishin and Chuo Expressways.

Our head office is spread out in a countryside which is conveniently located just about 15 minutes from the Komaki IC. Since 1995, in order to strengthen the production system, several factories in Japan have been unified.

We produce high-quality products at our own factory that integrates all manufacturing processes and send our products to the world.

Marubishi Industry in Vietnam

Vietnam has the third largest population in Southeast Asia and a high economic growth rate. Many Japanese companies are expanding into the country, and Marubishi Industry is one of them. As the first step in our globalization strategy, we established a local subsidiary MARUBISHI SUMMIT INDUSTRY VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2003.

Marubishi Industry can be proud of its production technology and production line

Just-in-Time thinking

Automobile Seats and Interior Parts are produced according to orders of automobile manufacturers. Of course, how many products of which model should be made may change from time to time. Marubishi Industry thoroughly eliminates waste related work in manufacturing processes. We have created a production system based on the concept of "just-in-time," which produces the required number of products at the required time with accurate number of workers.

Commitment to avoid waste

It does not mean that the tools and required parts for work can be placed anywhere. We are particular about every small place in order to pursue work efficiency to the utmost limit at Marubishi Industry. The reason is providing valuable products to the customers who use our product. We are making constant efforts to eliminate waste and improve our product value.

Transmission of technology from person to person

The automobile seat manufacturing process involves a lot of detailed work and it cannot be completely mechanized. Our staff carefully check and finish each one of them by their hands. This work process has been cultivated and supported over a long period of time by unique technology and heart of Marubishi Industry. The craftsmanship has not paused but it is still used and improved which we inherited.

Kaizen (Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement) Proposal

At Marubishi company our motto is, "If you think it's good, at least try it once." Many staffs propose different Kaizen proposals to make our work efficient. Many Kaizen (improvement) plans have been taken based on these proposals. The manufacturing is supported by Kaizen strength at Marubishi Industry.

The future is drawn by Marubishi Industry

Improving the value as an Automobile Seat Manufacture

Great reform happens in the automobile industry which is said once in 100 years. The future of automobiles has been changing dramatically, electric, automatic driving cars and new technologies are being developed. We are doing our best to improve the value of our products as an automobile seat manufacturer during this period of great change. We are improving our technologies and abilities to respond to all kind of situations, as well as contribute to the future of automobile manufacturing.

Leveraging the cultivated skills in making seats and take on new challenges

Keep challenging and do something which nobody has done!As a professional manufacturer, we have been working with this kind of mindset. We keep developing new products that will be used in the future with our professional pride and skills in the manufacture of automobile seats.