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We、Marubishi Industry have been constantly improving our skills to deliver the best happiness to our customers since our establishment in 1964. However, the pursuit of technology is endless. We will continue refining our technical capabilities as we used to do in the past. We are refining our development abilities and technical abilities at the same time. We have accumulated the abilities to create new products with the cultivated high technological capabilities over more than half a century as the backbone. In addition to new seats which match new types of cars, we have been launching a number of new products that are closely related to the lives of people who do not drive cars.

Development capabilities of Marubishi Industry

Marubishi Industry`s Development

The source of Marubishi Industry's development capabilities is the challenging spirit of "let's do something that nobody has ever done". It is important to always think about whether can Marubishi Industry create something new by making the best use of its technologies and to have a mindset to put it into practice. There are many obstacles we face in producing a new product but with the Challenger Spirit, we can overcome any barrier.

Design of Marubishi Industry

The job of design is to bring various ideas to life and transform them into shapes. Draw a blueprint, and based on that drawing, the first thing to do is making a sample. At that time, 3D CAD is used. We create three-dimensional a 3D model. By prototyping a three-dimensional model, now it is possible to check details that could not be confirmed before. It possibly helps to develop products with higher accuracy. Marubishi Industry can continue to provide high quality products as the result of this high design ability.

Development system implements various projects

Planning ability of Marubishi Industry

Any word is said by a customer or any issue heard from someone we met at an exhibition is important. Planning of new products is often triggered by daily accidents. In order not to miss such an opportunity, we put up antennas in various scenes and try to keep our eyes on the trends of various industries. The strong desire to "help customers" leads Marubishi Industry to unique planning capabilities.

"Small turn" development system

Marubishi Industry is small and medium-sized enterprise with not so many staff. Although the scale of an automobile seat manufacturer is small, its strength is that our company can handle everything from planning and design to manufacturing at its own factory. It doesn't have the scale of a large company, but Marubishi Industry is able to focus on even the finest of details and provide detailed support. We work very closely with our customers to develop unique products that they really want.

Prototyping capability of Marubishi Industry

Sewing of Marubishi Industry

Many of the automobile seat manufacturing processes are done by manual. We create a seat that is comfortable to sit on it while feeling a delicate material that cannot be understood by a machine. The same applies to the seat cover that a body directly touches. We value sensations that can only be perceived by human eyes and skin, such as detailed feelings and appearances that cannot be confirmed by CAD (Computer-Aided Design).
People feel better if the cover is sewed more properly. High sewing power of Marubishi Industry helps to create a comfortable seat.

Inspection of Marubishi Industry

When a product is made, it will not be shipped immediately. Before shipping the products, they all are inspected and confirmed that there are no problems.It is not an exaggeration to say that Marubishi Industry can continue to produce high-quality products because it has a careful and reliable inspection system. We have been highly believed and entrusted with manufacturing for many years by our customers because of our sufficient inspection system.

Safety and Durability of Marubishi Industry

In Marubishi Industry, our top priority is customer safety. It is a natural task as an automobile interior parts manufacturer whose main product is automobile seats. We carry out various tests to ensure the safety of our products. We perform vehicle impact tests to check the magnitude of the load when a vehicle collides and vibration durability tests to measure how much vibration can be withstood. Only products will be shipped which meet the safety standards in the strict test set.

Legal Compliance of Marubishi Industry

Vehicle safety laws vary from country to country. Marubishi Industry exports its products to countries all over the world therefore we grasp the safety laws and regulations of all the countries which we export. We have a system in place to check with strict eyes whether the standards have been met. Products of Marubishi Industry combine safety and functionality. Our products are highly evaluated in many countries around the world only because they adhere to the safety standards which are regulated by each country.

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