It is a workplace where diverse employees can shine.

Veteran craftsmen have been cultivating their craftsmanship experience over many years, mom staff spend busy days to balance child-rearing and work, Chinese staff came to Japan to expand their business in their home countries. Different ages, nationalities and genders of employees work at Marubishi Industry. We hope each staff member can fully demonstrate their individuality in their respective places. Therefore, we have been strongly improving the environment.

reasons for making effort for diversity

Marubishi Company creates an environment at the company where women, the elderly, and foreigners can work actively and comfortably. The reason for promoting diversity in this way is to deliver better products and services to our customers. We believe that new value can be created by gathering a wide variety of human resources with various opinions and ideas and as well as our products and services can be re-examined from a different perspective.


work-life balance  of Marubishi Industry staff

Marubishi company has been also focusing on work-life balance efforts for its staff based on the idea that "having good private time leads to good work". Both clerical and technical staff have two days off a week. We try to reduce overtime work as much as possible and actively encourage the workers to take of paid vacation. Our colleagues can be more motivated to work by refreshing themselves in their private time. Working efficiently leads to improve productivity.


Global Staff of Marubishi Industry

We Marubishi Company have a larger vision and would like to expand our business to the world as the times a period of great change. Therefore, we decided to actively hire more foreign staff. We are working on the development of new products and services that we have never seen before, with new ideas and way of thinking which is new for our Japanese workers. Please look forward to the new innovations which can be brought by Marubishi Company staff with a global vision.


comfortable working environment

People tend to think of the manufacturing industry as a male workplace, but at Marubishi Industry is a little different. Female staff are working lively and actively in various sections such as at the production line and office work. Various systems have been enhanced to create a homely atmosphere and environment where women staff can work comfortably.


child-rearing support system

It is now common at Marubishi Company for staff members who can take maternity leave or childcare leave after giving birth and return to the company to work again. If staff`s a child suddenly becomes ill, he / she can easily take a rest with peace of mind because of the support around them. Our staff can smoothly balance child-rearing and work through a reduced working hours system. Marubishi Industry is a company that is very friendly to staff and their children with its family and child-rearing support systems.


Marubishi Industry aims for diversity

As mentioned above, Marubishi Industry is focusing on diversity in order to deliver better products and services to our customers. We would like to bring new innovations and ideas by actively promoting a wide variety of human resources. In this coming era being satisfied with the current status quo and taking no action means retreating. We think it's important to always being positive about everything and take a step forward, even it's small. We have reached our current level since the establishment of Marubishi Industry with the spirit of challenge "being a professional in manufacturing is doing something that no one has ever done before". Diversity initiative is one of those challenging spirits.