We have been bringing the best happiness to our customers with our products since the establishment of our company in 1964.We, Marubishi Company have been refining our technological capabilities with this kind of mindset to make automobile seats that combine the highest levels of safety and comfort. The seats of the famous 4WD car "Mitsubishi Pajero" were 100% made by Marubishi Industry, which has been used by people from more than 170 countries and regions. Our reliable technology is highly evaluated by our customers around the world.

Techniques that only Marubishi can do

We can complete the final process of seat manufacturing at our own factory

The automobile seat is composed of three parts: (1) a frame that serves as a skeletal frame, (2) a foam pad that acts as a cushion, and (3) a trim cover that comes into direct contact with the human body. Marubishi Industry has professional skills and arrangement in the production process of all parts. We are able to complete all processes related to production in our own factory. We also have a system in place, during the pre-production stage from design to development, and after production stage until inspection.

Delivery form meets your request

The completed automobile seats are delivered to our automobile manufacturer business partners. The work of attaching to the car body is carried out there, and a car is completed. We are particular about the delivery method at Marubishi Industry in order to reduce the work of our partner manufacturers. We make load the truck arrangement in the same way based on the work procedure of the car manufacturer, we have established a ranking order system jointly with our partner automobile manufacturers. Our partners just unload their luggage and attach it to the car body. We have received high praise from our customers, they usually mention that our work method helps them to eliminate wasteful work and to save labours` time.

Faster and more accurate manualwork than machine

The staff silently work on the production line, which is the final process of seat manufacturing. When we talk about modern factories, automation is common. Of course, mechanization is progressing in the factory of Marubishi Industry, but only the final and important part of manufacturing is done by hands. The reason is that costumers touch on a seat for the longest time among other car parts, therefore we want to finish it by our hands. Our staff carefully make high quality seats one by one who inherited the cultivated craftsmanship since establishment.

Kaizen power uses the voices of our employees

Our "challenge spirit" is continuous of using our tradition and manufacturing technologies in Marubishi Industry since the establishment in 1964. We have been actively working on what we think is good. Ism of Marubishi Industry is embodied by daily Kaizen suggestions from actual spot. Many of our members give us different opinions in order to make our work as efficient as possible. Even a small amount of effort may make a big difference for the quality of products.

History of Marubishi Industry and Transitionof Seat Manufacturing Technologies

Marubishi Industry was founded in May 1964. We started manufacturing automobile seats, as a cooperating factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Automobile Factory. Then more than half a century ——We have been continuing to produce automobile seats according to the period and vehicle types with the highest level of safety and functionality by using our highest level of technologies.

Mitsubishi Jeep Seat

(1953 year ~ 1998 year)

This seat was equipped on the Mitsubishi Jeep, which was produced from 1953 until 1998 when production ended (end of sale in 2001).

It was our first four-wheeled vehicle seat production and a memorable seat that has made a full-scale entry into the production of automobile seats. In addition, the technical know-how gained at this time was utilized in the later development and production of seats for the Pajero, Delica D5, and Rosa.

The photo on the left is a seat of J53 Jeep.

The first generation of Pajero seat

(1982 year ~ 1990 year)

It is a seat equipped on the first Pajero, which debuted as a 4th number small freight car in 1982.

The first domestically produced Kurokan 4WD model which adopted a suspension seat became a hot topic in Japan.

One year later, the long-awaited 5 number wagon was added in 1983, and seat adopted with the velour fabric material shown on the right side which was installed in 1983.

After that, it has been evolved with a high-class orientation such as genuine leather seats, wool and genuine leather seats, and seat heater equipment.

2nd Generation of Pajero seat

(1991 year ~ 1998 year)

This seat is installed in the second-generation Pajero, which was fully remodelled in 1991. It was the most successful production volume in our history.

It was more luxurious than the previous Pajero seats, comfortable equipment such as armrests and lumbar & side supports were added. Furthermore, the 4-way power seats also added which were used in high class passenger cars.

We had a wide variety of fabrics and colors to meet the needs of users. The photo on the left is a 1991 genuine leather seat.

3rd generation of Pajero seat

(1999 year ~ 2005 year)

This seat was installed in the 3rd generation Pajero, which was fully remodelled in 1999.

The long body was equipped with a luxury seat that follows the luxury orientation of the second-generation Pajero.

Furthermore, the short body is equipped with a sports seat with skin adhesive molding that has excellent support.

The photo on the right is a genuine leather power seat of the long body in 1999.

4th generation of Pajero seat

(2006 year~)

This seat was installed in the 4th generation Pajero, which was created in 2006 with the concept of "all-round premium".

While following the goodness of the predecessor model, which has moderate support in a comfortable size, we further improved the sitting comfort and texture.

The photo on the left is real leather power seat in 2006.