Akira Fumina of Process Control Section 1 in Production Department

Akira Fumina of Process Control Section 1 in Production Department

A powerful mom who balances work and child-rearing

My family has five members including me, my husband and my three boys 5, 3, and 1 year old.

I spend every day busily with work, housework and childcare. I decided to return to the company after maternity leave and childcare leave because I want to work when I can.

The work system is proper and surrounding is easy to understand therefore it is a comfortable workplace even with a small child.


recommended points of Marubishi Industry  that I chose

The most important point is that the workplace appreciates the working while raising children. For example, when I was informed that my child had a fever, my co-workers said "I'll do the rest, please go now and take care of your son". I think that here many female employees like me who return to our company after giving birth because they can work with peace of mind without anxiety.

rewarding of this job

I am in charge of managing parts which are used during the production such as seats. We check the stock status, etc. and confirm the number of orders has arrived properly or not. I wanted to work while raising children because I didn't want to stay in a small world. When I come to work, I feel that I am involved in a society, and I feel a sense of fulfillment.

daily schedule


getting out of bed

I make lunch boxes for 5 family members, do laundry, and prepare for the day. I leave home around 7 o'clock and go to a nursery school about 5 minutes by car. I go to the office after leaving the children. It takes about an hour, but it's a precious time to be alone without being disturbed by anyone. I use this time to switch my mind from housework mode to work mode.


business start

I focus on desk work such as checking sales slips received from suppliers and entering the number of parts into a computer. I try to work carefully without making any mistakes.

business start


inventory picking business

In addition to desk work on a computer, I also perform necessary inventory picking for manufacturing. Due to the reduced working hours, recently I adjusted my work schedule so that I can return at 16:00 every day. I always try to leave the work after finishing my tasks on that day and without bothering co-workers around me.

inventory picking business


returning home

I return home after taking the children from the nursery school. I quickly prepare bath and meals for dinner when I get home. Sometimes I feel that it is difficult to balance work and child-rearing, but when I see the smiles of my sons, this kind of fatigue is blown away. It seems to me that child moderately has a positive effect on me 24 hours a day.