working at Marubishi Industry

You can work with peace of mind because it is an "excellent healthy company" that values people.

The characteristic of Marubishi Industry is that it produces high-quality products by hand without only relying on machines. That is why we always value employees. The first thing we always take care is the health of all our employees. It is a workplace where everyone can work in good health and then the company can also make healthy and high quality products.

human resource development

Marubishi Industry's  human resources management

Not all processes can be left to the machine on the manufacture of car seats. There are many small tasks, we have to finish each one by hands. That is why we always value people. Our company believes that people are an irreplaceable treasure. We have been accumulating our unique technologies with our specialists who have solid skills and knowledge.


training of Marubishi Company

Currently, many of the workers who are active at the manufacturing site of Marubishi Industry are inexperienced employees. There were people who even didn't know right or left when they joined our company. But don’t worry. It is possible to acquire technical skills while gaining experience in a factory based on the training and know-how education which was cultivated by Marubishi Industry over the years. What important is willingness, motivation and patience. Please resolutely plunge in.


working environment

health promotion, dining room, etc.

"Health Management" was declared in May 2017. We have been working to improve the internal system for health promotion and comply with laws and regulations, such as having all employees and their families to take a health check once a year and completing all holidays.

We strongly believe that healthy workers can make good products. Our company is located in the beautiful countryside. Many employees usually have lunch at the company cafeteria because there are only few restaurants around.

We prepare a variety of menus which are delicious, have a good nutritional balance, and we do not get tired of eating every day. We support the health of our employees by healthy food.



employee trips, bowling, cherry blossom viewing, barbecue ... Marubishi Industry organizes various events that employees and their families can participate and enjoy. These kinds of events can deepen the ties between employees and create a cozy atmosphere.