Tatsuya Hidaka, Line Manager of Manufacturing Section 1 in Production Department

Tatsuya Hidaka Line Manager of Manufacturing Section 1 in Production Department

A young leader who loves cars

I loved cars since I was a kid, and therefore I wanted to work in the manufacturing of cars in the future. I'm really happy to get the job which I wanted to do. It's fun and I am fulfilling every single day. Currently, I am in the position of instructing my subordinates as a line manager, but I would like to convey them the joy of work.


Recommended points of Marubishi Industry that I chose

The good thing about Marubishi Company is that everyone has a chance. I am 26 years old and have become a line manager. When I received the notice of personnel change, I was wondering the position would be fit for a young man like me but with the support of people around me, I came here and I have been working for five years. I think it is the most encouraging thing for employees to be recognized when they do their best.

rewarding of this job

Currently, I am in charge of managing the seat production line. When I see a car is running in a city which I took part of its production I feel so proud that I want to brag to someone else. This is the most rewarding moment when I am involved in the work of manufacturing my favorite car.

Daily schedule


arrive at work

The first thing in the morning is the group leader meeting. The line managers of each line gather to check the items to be sent from the previous day, the work set up for the day, and the precautions. This is an important time to work safely without any accidents.


business start

First of all, a morning assembly is held by gathering subordinates in front of each line accordingly. I explain and confirm the precautions at the group leader meeting earlier and the flow of work on the day. When the line finally starts moving, I check the movement of the subordinates. If necessary, I will show practical performance.

business start


lunch break

Break time is a valuable time to deepen communication with subordinates, including short breaks of 10 minutes each at 10 am and 3 pm. The complaints of work may spill out at such break times. Of course, I also talk about things other than work.

The close sense of the distance between employees is also one of the recommended points of Marubishi Industry.

lunch break


desk work

Even production is finished, the work of the line managers is not finished. We need to prepare for tomorrow by compiling work records on the day, work plans for the next day, and guidance plans for subordinates. Desk work is also an important job for the line manager.

desk work


leaving work

On weekdays, I don't make detours, basically I go straight back home and take a rest to prepare for the next day's work. On the opposite, I often leave my house on Saturdays and Sundays. I ride my favorite car and go out for a drive around.

I'm grateful that my proper vacation is guaranteed. I properly refresh myself, and then I feel like "Let's work hard from tomorrow!"