Yang Xiao is from Planning Division of Planning Department

Yang Xiao is from Planning Division of Planning Department

being a bridge between yearning Japanand homeland China

I wanted to work in Japan in order to use my Japanese which I studied at a school in China. First time living in Japan was very comfortable. The atmosphere in the workplace is so good and the work is fun therefore I would like to work at Marubishi Industry for a while. My goal at work is I want people in my home country to use the products which I have been working on. I would like to do my best to become a bridge between Japan and China.


recommended points of Marubishi Industry  that I chose

The people at the company are all kind and friendly. They always ask me "do you have any problems" and create an atmosphere that makes easy to talk to them. Recently, I've been able to do planning work, which is a lot of fun. I would like to work hard at this company for a while.

rewarding of this job

Marubishi Industry intends to expand its business in China in the future. I have high expectations for myself who can speak Japanese and Chinese in this future business therefore I would like to take part in it. It's also very interesting to come up with new product ideas as a planning section. I will do my best to commercialize what I propose.

daily schedule


arrive at work

At the morning assembly, we confirm the work to be done on that day. Everyone in the planning department is very friendly. Everyone talks to me kindly. Before joining the company, I was worried about whether I would be able to work for a Japanese company or not, but thanks to everyone, I am able to get used to it faster than I expected.


desk work

My job is mainly desk work. One of my important tasks is translating Japanese materials and catalogs into Chinese. When I translate it, I keep in mind the cultural differences between Japan and China, and then its meaning can be understood properly. I have recently become able to answer the phone as the result of I was taught Japanese business manners.

desk work



I often spend time with a junior Chinese girl who joined our planning department later. The company is now making various efforts with the goal of expanding its business in China. One of the efforts is that we become able to work. I am trying to do my best to contribute to the company and to be a helpful person to people.



planning work

Recently, I have been involved in product development work. I come up with ideas of making cushions and recently we have made its prototype models. Actually, I always love creating something with my own hands. This job is a hobby and as well as a profit for me therefore I always enjoy when I do this job.

planning work


returning home

I started to live near Nagoya station after I came to Japan. There many various shops near my house. I usually eat my dinner at one of these shops before I get home. Japanese food is very delicious. I think the reason why I am able to get used to life immediately in Japan without getting homesick may be the food is so tasty here.