history of marubishi

1964 May

Marubishi Industry Co., Ltd. was established with capital of 10 million yen. We started with seat production as a cooperating factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Nagoya Automobile Factory.

1965 August

The capital was increased to 20 million yen.

1966 August

The capital was increased to 25 million yen.

1967 August

The capital was increased to 30 million yen.
Constructions of new press factory, painting factory, and garment factory were started.

1968 August

An investment of 15 million yen from Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. was received and the capital was increased to 45 million yen.

1969 January

Press factory and Painting factory were completed.

1969 April

Garment factory was completed and an integrated production system for seats was established.

1988 July

Chemical product factory was completed.
Production of interior parts for automobiles was started.

1990 August

Head office building and head office factory were completed.

1991 January

An integrated production system was established as a comprehensive interior product manufacturer.

1995 August

Production base was consolidated at the head factory in order to strengthen the production.

1995 November

The capital was increased to 90 million yen.

1996 November

Streamlined automatic seat rack, shipment operations and a ranking order delivery system were established.

1998 June

Our company was certified as a comfortable workplace promotion office by the director of the Aichi Labor Standards Bureau.

2002 July

ISO14001 Certification was obtained.

2003 June

ISO9001 Certification was obtained.

2003 May

MSV was established.

2009 February

Aichi Brand Company Certification was obtained.

2010 May

Sales of "Easy turnover seat" was started.

2011 September

Sales of "Sacral support cushion" was started.

2013 September

Sales of "CAGAC" was started.

2015 June

Sales of "Spot Chairs" were started.

2016 May

Sales of "Spot Cushion" was started.

2017 April

Sales of floor cushions and seat cushions for sitting upright were started.

2017 October

Sales of "Centac" and "Spot Cushion WS" were started.