development story

Marubishi Industry has been manufacturing automobile seats with excellent safety and functionality for more than half a century since its establishment in 1964. Recently, we are also working on the design and development of products in completely different fields from automobiles by using the technologies we have cultivated in automobile seat manufacturing. What kind of products have we applied to? Let's take a look at the story behind the development.

Marubishi Industry continues to take up challenges

Lehman shock strikes Marubishi Industry

In September 2008, a major investment bank in the United States was Lehman Brothers. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers occurred an international financial crisis. That was called "Lehman shock". The automobile industry, which is Japan's core industry, inevitably be affected by this crisis. Cars could not be sold, and production continued to decline. Of course, it had a big impact on us. It was hard strike, our production dropped to 1/10 compared to our peak production period.

challenge spirit to make difficult problems clear

It was the spirit of challenge that was demonstrated in a difficult situation. While most companies were implementing restructuring measures such as laying off employees, Marubishi Industry adhered on -the -spot decision-making idea of ‘‘Marubishi Company with actual spot‘‘, we did not carry out large-scale restructuring. Maintaining the employment of staff and recover the sales which dropped sharply ... We decided to get out of this crisis by planning and developing new products and growing them as new pillars.

example of  development project

products that users are satisfied by a thorough  interview survey

One of the products we have been developing is a chair for welfare and nursing care.
We thought that cultivated technologies and know-how in automobile seat manufacturing could be utilized. After visiting more than 100 welfare and nursing care facilities we heard dissatisfaction points from users about welfare and nursing care chairs. We also visited to different hospitals and welfare facilities to get know and learn their opinions about our prototype models. Finally, we were able to create welfare and nursing care chairs, "Spot Chair" which users are satisfied. Thorough on-the-spot decision-making principles were the key to the development of new products.

adopted as a hometown tax refund item in the local Komaki city

At Marubishi Industry, we produce in addition to the household and office cushions "Spot Cushion" and "Sacral Support Cushion", the cushion "YOUZA" that allows you to sit upright and the children's learning cushion "CAGAC”, wheelchair cushions such as "Spot Cushion WS" and "SENTAC". We are very particular about "sitting" and have developed many new products based on ergonomics that are less burdensome to the body. They are used by a wide range of people, from children to the elderly. The quality is the same as the car seat. It can be seen that our products are used as a "Gem of Komaki's pride" in return for the hometown tax payment in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, where our head office is located.

see Komaki City's hometown tax thanking item information site