health care products

We manufacture chairs and cushions that maintain a correct posture when you are sitting and support a healthy life by utilizing automobile seat manufacturing technologies.

sit on the chair

We have been thoroughly researching "sitting" in a daily life. A comfortable and stable sitting comfort does not only help our body to prevent bedridden, but also it helps to strengthen the postural muscles and support standing up.

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sit on the wheelchair

A wheelchair cushion has been developed based on ergonomics by an automobile seat manufacturer. It stabilizes the posture in a wheelchair and implements a well-balanced sitting.

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sit on the floor

A cushion supports your waist which is the key to your body that allows you to sit comfortably with your pelvis standing and in a beautiful posture.

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sit on the passenger seat

A rotary seat can be attached to your car. It supports the burden on the body when you get on and off.

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