Technology Introduction

High Level Safety and Comfort for the Customers
Developments and Technologies for Meeting Diversified and Sophisticated Needs

Since 1964 when Marubishi Industries was established, we have been developing high quality automobile seats.
We have produced 100 % of the 2.5 million PAJERO seats, sold in 170 countries since 1980. PAJERO owners all over the world are satisfied with our products, which are used in various situations since the PAJERO is classified as an RV.

Design and Development

At Marubishi Industries, we use CATIA V4 and V5, 3D CAD, for the design and development of our products.
With 3D modeling software, we can check the specifications before making the preproduction prototype. We can also simultaneously consider the safety, durability, environmental impact and cost from the early phases.
We can apply the 3D design database and CAE analysis to examine various safety checks as we repeat the simulation, which help to speed up design and development.
It can also be applied in the metal or plastic molding phase, for a smooth and speedy manufacturing process.


Using only CAD, it is impossible to obtain a full sense of appearance and texture. Therefore we produce actual prototype seats in order to physically check these characteristics.Pressure distribution measurements check fatigue or uncomfortable areas to the backside. Therefore we can produce comfortable automobile seats by adjusting the hardness and detailed form of the seats.

Safety and Durability Check

We conduct various tests including impact shock tests in order to meet safety and durability laws and standards all over the world.
Marubishi Industries set high level safety and durability criteria so that our products will meet all standards and stand up to harsh usage.