Environmental Declaration

Environmental Philosophy

Marubishi Industry aims at a harmonious coexistence with the environment by continuing technological developments which are suitable for an environmentally friendly policy, improving comfort in the work place and contributing to the regional community.

Environmental Policy

Marubishi Industry supplies automobile seats, automobile parts and other products to domestic and international markets.
Therefore, we must understand the significance of global environmental protection, and promote environmental conservation activities in our business, products and other services.

Environmental Conservation Activities
  1. We will follow environmental laws and other rules with which we agree, and encourage all of our employees to follow environmentally friendly policies.
  2. We will aim to set objectives of environmental conservation activities in economical and technological areas, and continuously rethink and update them at regular intervals.
  3. We will make efforts to conserve energy and resources, reduce waste, and recycle and reuse when possible in order to contribute to environmental conservation.
  4. We will reduce our environmental impact by promoting product assessments from the first use to final disposal.
  5. We will reexamine the environmental management system and update it at regular intervals.
  6. We will disseminate the Environmental Policy to all employees and relevant parties, as well as raise environmental awareness to the public.

January 8th 2008
Marubishi Industry Co., Ltd.
President Yoshiki Kawamura

Obtained Approvals