Marubishi Industry Co., Ltd. Head Factory
1251-3 O-aza Honjo, Komaki City, Aichi
TEL (0568) 79-9211
FAX (0568) 79-7841


From Tomei Komaki Interchange
20 minutes from Tomei Komaki Interchange. Exit at Komaki Interchange toward Inuyama city, and make a right-turn at Muranaka intersection.
After about 10 minutes, make a left-turn at Kamisue intersection. We are located 500m from the intersection.
From Chuo Komaki-Higashi Interchange
15 minutes from Chuo Komaki Higashi Interchange. Exit at Komaki-Higashi Interchange and make a left-turn. After passing under the Chuo Highway make another left-turn. After about 4km, make a left-turn at the Honjo intersection. We are located just after the first traffic signal.
From Tomei Kasugai Interchange
20 minutes from Tomei Kasugai Interchange. Exit at Kasugai Interchange toward Tajimi city on Route 19. Make a left-turn at Kasugai I.C. intersection, and drive about 5 km toward Komaki city. Make a right-turn at Uedarakumachikita intersection, and we are located 500m from Kamisue intersection.