1964 May Marubishi Industry Co., Ltd Established with 10,000,000 yen capital.
Started producing automobile seats as an affiliate company of Mitsubishi Motor Nagoya Automobile Factory.
1965 August Increased capital to 20,000,000yen
1966 August Increased capital to 25,000,000yen
1967 August Increased capital to 30,000,000yen
Began construction of Pressing Plant, Paint Factory, and Sewing Plant.
1968 August Increased capital to 45,000,000yen with investments by Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
1969 January Completed Pressing Plant and Paint Factory
1969 April Completed Sewing Plant
Established Integrated Automobile Seat Manufacturing
1988 July Began construction of Chemical Product Plant
Started to produce Automobile Parts
1990 August Began construction of Head Office and Factory
1991 January Established Integrated Automobile Parts Manufacturing
1995 August Integrated Production Hub to Head Factory
1995 November Increased capital to 90,000,000yen
1996 November Completed Rationalized Shipping Delivering System-Automated Rack and established Organized Delivery system
1998 June Certified Comfortable Work Place by the Aichi Labor Bureau
2002 July Obtained ISO14001
2003 June Obtained ISO9001
2009 February Certified Aichi Quality