Greetings from the Chairman

Marubishi Industry was established in 1964, and produces automobile interior parts such as seats and consoles. We have been developing high quality, safe products based on ergonomic engineering as our customer creed.

With the motto “Human and Environment Friendly”, we are always striving to strengthen our quality, cultivate up-to-date human resources and contribute to the regional community with technology and enthusiasm.
We appreciate your continued help and encouragement from now on.

Greetings from the President

As an automobile parts supplier, we have been producing high quality automobile seat equipment since 1964. Safety and comfort have been our top priority with the technology of ergonomic engineering.

We are proud to continue supplying the market as our attitude toward manufacturing is accepted and acclaimed by our customers.

We will do our best to

“continuously challenge ourselves and broaden our horizons faster than any other as manufacturing professionals”,

and improve our business quality as an automobile seat supplier in the global market. We hope to be a“Human, Community and Environment Friendly”company by striving to establish a flexible and strong company structure and fostering human power with the times.

We offer complete satisfaction to our customers, and appreciate your support and help.