Certified as “Aichi Quality”

Marubishi Industry Co., Ltd. was certified as “Aichi Quality” in 2009.

Aichi prefecture, Japan’s “Manufacturing Kingdom,” in an effort to promote the strength of the regional companies to the world and garner global recognition for the region’s manufacturing capabilities, certifies superior manufacturing companies in the prefecture as Aichi Quality Companies. Since 2003, 226 companies have been certified.

In 2009, 22 companies including ours were certified. Mr. Inagaki, Vice Governor of Aichi Prefecture, granted the certification to the representatives of the companies at Iris Aichi in Naka ward, Nagoya on Feb.16th 2009.

As a member of the Aichi Quality Companies, which support the “Aichi Manufacturing Kingdom”, Marubishi Industry hope to make advancements and contribute to our regional community.

President Kawamura at the ceremony

President Kawamura with Mr. Inagaki, Vice Governor of Aichi Prefecture

Visit Marubishi Industry on the “Aichi Quality”website

【“Aichi Quality”website】

【Visit Marubishi Industry on the“Aichi Quality”website】